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Biubiucat ™

An Automatic Companion for Your Cat

This toy is perfect for cats who like playing by themselves. It's an automatic toy that keeps them entertained when you're not around or too busy to play with them.

This toy lasts for up to 4 hours if your cat plays with it constantly. However, if the toy is left alone without being touched for 5 minutes, it will automatically stop. Cats can make it active again just by touching it, so it can be a robot friend for your cat whenever you want.

This cat toy has a light on the front and a place at the back where you can attach different types of feathers, ribbons, or DIY tails. This makes it easy for the toy to catch cats' attention quickly. The special DIY port lets you attach lightweight toys or something that attracts cats, like a small bag of catnip (not included), to make your cats play.

cat toy charging and lasting for 4 hours

3-In-1 Automatic Cat Toys

Cats can move their front paws and tail up and down while playing with a laser pointer or a toy.

  • If your cat is very energetic, you can raise the light to make it move around more.
  • But if your cat is not very active or playful, you can lower the light to make it stay in one place.

Now, make sure your cats get the exercise they need.

This fun cat toy has 3 different speeds.

  • Fast speed is for energetic cats,
  • low speed is for small or older cats,
  • and random speed is for curious cats.

This cat toy is designed with two motors, which makes it strong. It is suitable for different types of floors like tile, wood, and carpet.

cat toy with adjustable lazer pointer