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Bringing home an exciting interactive cat toy from Biubiucat? Follow this simple, step-by-step guide to get your toy charged, assembled, and ready for your cat to enjoy in no time. With just a few easy steps, you'll give your furry friend hours of independent playtime while you're away.

First, start by fully charging the toy

This is especially important when using it for the first time or after long periods without use. Simply plug the USB cable into the port on the toy's base. Then, connect it to a power source like a wall adapter or computer. Allow it to charge for approximately 2 hours until the light indicator turns solid green, signaling a full charge. For safety, only charge it in an area your cats can't access to prevent chewing on wires.

Next, attach the interactive attachment

Pick the attachment that suits your cat best, like feathers, ribbons, or a DIY toy. The attachments easily slide into the slot on the spinning dome. Get creative with textures and toys to keep your cat engaged! Just ensure the attachment is lightweight so the toy can still spin smoothly.

Now you're ready to switch it on and place it for playtime. Make sure to put it on a hard, flat surface with space for your cat to play around it. Tile, wood, and thin carpet are ideal. Press the power button on the base until the light turns on.

Then, Set the Speed

Use the speed buttons to choose the perfect setting for your cat. The fast mode is best for energetic cats who love darting and pouncing. A slower speed is ideal for older or mellower cats who need less activity. And the random setting will intrigue curious cats who love surprises!

Additionally, adjust the vertical angle of the light to suit your cat. Position it higher up to encourage more movement and chasing. Or lower it down for cats who prefer calmer swatting and less jumping. Take note of your cat's reactions to find their favorite settings.

Now, Have Fun with Your Cat

The toy will now spin and light up, enticing your cat to play! It has an automatic shutoff that will turn it off after 5 minutes of inactivity. Your cat just needs to touch it to restart the fun. Enjoy up to 4 hours of continuous playtime per charge.

Power Down and Store

When playtime is over, power down the toy fully and store it safely out of the pets' reach. Be sure to frequently check for hair or debris clogging the wheels and clean as needed so it continues spinning smoothly.

With regular charging and cleaning, your toy will provide endless entertainment for your cat! It satisfies their predatory instincts while keeping them active and satisfied when you're away. Both you and your feline friend will love this hassle-free way to play.

So try out this step-by-step guide for setting up an automatic cat toy in your home. Within minutes, you'll give your cat a fun new way to play independently. Just be ready to be amazed by how content and entertained they'll be!